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Mercedes-Benz Diecast

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Mercedes-Benz Diecast
Mercedes-Benz has been a pioneer since the early days of automotive engineering. Our diecast Mercedes model cars show you the range of luxurious vehicles this company has made throughout its prestigious history.

The leader of the "German Big 3," Mercedes-Benz is one of the best-selling luxury car manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1926, it can trace its roots as far back as 1886, when Karl Benz made what is considered to be the first car in the world. The company has had a long and successful career, producing high quality, reliable, and durable cars for almost a century. They offer a full range of passenger cars, as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is also known to produce models dedicated to the needs of diplomats and politicians, with the ability to add armor-plating and bullet-proof glass.
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